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I believe That We Should Learn From USU

July 22, 2014 Blogs

I’m making some observations on Utah state university’s (USU) trademark issue with San Diego State University (SDSU). In case you’ve missed it, you can catch national, state, and local news here, here, here, and here. Maybe most importantly, the actual chant thingy is here. (Turn your speakers up!) Basically, the […]

Utah Joins the War Against Patent Trolls

May 29, 2014 Blogs

If trolls are bad—eating billy goats and terrorizing the kiddies—patent trolls maybe even worse according to popular opinion. A patent troll is generally defined as an entity that does not sell the product behind its patent; rather, it extracts licensing fees and/or infringement damages from the unsuspecting (boo! we hate […]

Cache Valley Businesses in Utah Genius Awards

April 4, 2014 Blogs

The 2014 Utah Genius Awards were held on Wednesday, April 2 at the Little America hotel in Salt Lake City. Utah Genius is sponsored by Bateman IP, Utah governor’s office of economic development, Utah Science and Technology Research Initiative (USTRI), KSL, and others. Awards are made to individuals and companies who […]

Considering the Design Patent

February 18, 2014 Blogs

The question I get asked most often is “can I patent this?” I usually respond with “why do you want to patent it?” it makes a big difference. Business objectives drive patent strategies, and there are a lot of strategies to choose from. One involves the design patent. Unlike utility […]