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Protect Your Intellectual Property with Flat Rate IP Services

We are proud to support some of the most innovative and successful companies in Cache Valley and throughout Utah by providing proven IP strategies to navigate today’s competitive business landscapes. Our pricing is transparent, and we offer many flat rate options.

IP Strategy Consultation 

Meet with an attorney, ask, learn, and plan


Project CIP offers affordable pricing for trademark clearance searches, trademark application, trademark registration, and brand and trademark monitoring.

United States Trademark Application

Comprehensive Trademark Clearance Search, Analysis and Opinion

Trademark Application Preparation and Filing

International Trademark Application

Madrid protocol

Country direct

Sentinel™ Brand and Trademark Monitoring

Weekly searches and reporting
$1750 / yr. / mark


We provide proven patent strategies that allow companies of all sizes to navigate today’s competitive business landscapes.

United States

Patentability Search

Prior Art Search and Patentability Opinion

Provisional Patent Application

Simple, average, complex
$4000 / $5000 / $7000

Non-Provisional Patent Application

Utility patent application: simple, average, complex
$8000 / $9000 / $12000

Design Patent Application


PCT Patent Application

Simple, average, complex
$9000 / $10000 / $14000


Registering a copyright is an important and affordable part of any IP strategy. Project CIP offers transparent pricing for copyright registration.

United States

Copyright Application

Copyright registration
$450 / application

Flat Rate Asset Management

Deadline Docketing, Calendaring, and Maintenance

For portfolios of between one and five assets
$200 / asset / yr.

For portfolios of over five assets
$100 / asset / yr.

Sentinel™ Brand and Trademark Monitoring

Weekly searches and reporting
$1700 / yr. / mark

Hourly Rate Services

Like David against Goliath, we believe in generating an impact through strategy, leverage and resource optimization. When a fixed-fee arrangement is not feasible, we provide accurate cost estimates and develop a budget within which we work efficiently to give you the best bang for the buck. 

Hourly Rate Services

hourly rate
$350 / hr.**

*All prices exclude USPTO and/or other governmental office fees, and, in the case of international applications, the costs of local in-country counsel, which can be estimated following a strategy consultation. Patent prices exclude professional figures illustrating fees, which are typically around $500 per application. Trademark prices may be subject to increase for large product lines, e.g., extending beyond three USPTO classifications.  

**Hourly rates apply for all services that are not “flat fee.” Comprehensive flat fee services list available upon request. 

We refuse to be a traditional law firm.  Just like you, we adopt an entrepreneurial mindset and constantly explore innovative ways to do more with less.  So, we hope you will see that Project CIP is more than just a typical Utah intellectual property law firm – we are your trusted partner in turning your innovations into real market value. Let us help you realize your vision.  Contact us today for cost estimates for your specific project.