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International Intellectual Property Attorney: Worldwide IP Strategy

Intellectual property rights are territorial, meaning that protections only apply in the country in which they are granted. Because intellectual property rights vary by country, you may own the rights to your product or brand domestically, but if you have not protected them in another country, someone else may obtain and own them there. A U.S trademark registration or issued patent does not provide protection in other countries. Moreover, intellectual property laws and protection strategies vary by country.

If you do business abroad, Project CIP provides legal guidance that is tailored to the geographic reach and trajectory of your operations. We can help you consider and execute legal strategies to successfully enter foreign markets, establish position, and use intellectual property tools to manage competition abroad. Project CIP gives your business access to a network of top patent and trademark attorneys in countries all over the world.

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Watch Out for International Pitfalls

There are many IP pitfalls abroad. For example, it is common for bad actors to watch U.S. companies and file trademark applications for their brands in their own countries. Most countries follow and grant rights under the “first-to-file” rule. The bad actor uses the trademark application or registration to blackmail the legitimate brand owner to “buy back” its own trademark. In worst-case scenarios, bad actors can prevent legitimate brand owners from importing or exporting goods in or out of the bad actor’s country. Working with an international intellectual property attorney early can prevent this. 

International IP and Your Intellectual Property Strategy

International IP can be important to your business abroad. Project CIP offers:

International Trademarks

Trademark law varies greatly by region and topic, which adds complexity to doing business in an increasingly interconnected world. We help individuals, startups, and established businesses navigate international trademark law. We have experience with trademark protection all over the world, including: North, Central, and South America; Europe; Asia; Australia; New Zealand; and the Middle East. We file foreign trademark applications under treaty mechanisms like the Madrid Protocol as well as directly in national trademark offices and help you to decide which route is best for your situation. We have also succeeded in foreign judicial and administrative proceedings.     

International Patents

Although there is no such thing as an international patent, treaty mechanisms like the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) provide a streamlined manner for starting patent protection in many industrialized countries. Foreign patents may also be obtained through filings made directly with foreign patent offices. Project CIP files PCT and country-direct, foreign patent applications to protect your inventions abroad. Because pursuing patents in many countries can be prohibitively expensive, we also provide strategic guidance to help you decide the countries in which patents should be pursued so that you stay within budget.   

International Copyrights

Unlike with patents and trademarks, U.S. copyright protection extends to many overseas countries through IP protection treaties, such as the Berne Convention or the TRIPS Agreement. Most foreign countries do not require registering copyrighted works and confer protected status from the moment of creation. However, following the formalities of copyright registration will help with foreign enforcement.   

Our Global Network of Intellectual Property Specialists

Project CIP provides nationwide and global intellectual property protection strategies, all from the convenience of Cache Valley. As an extension of our reach, our firm has developed trusted relationships with a network of attorneys around the globe who understand the nuances of their countries’ laws, customs, and procedures. We work with foreign attorneys closely and carefully, and serve as point of contact so you can be sure the advice you’re getting is coordinated and in line with your big picture goals.

Working with an International Intellectual Property Attorney

Project CIP offers affordable pricing for international trademark and patent application. 

Trademark Application

Madrid protocol

Country direct

PCT Patent Application

Simple, average, complex
$9000 / $10000 / $14000

When you work with Project CIP, you will have an international intellectual property attorney on your team. Our goal is to be your trusted partner who will be able to advise you on how to protect your intellectual property internationally. Contact our office today.