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Protect Your Brand with a Logan Utah Trademark Lawyer

Your brand conveys your identity and reputation to the world and can be one of the most important assets in your business. We can help you make the most of your brands, product names, logos, slogans, and trade dress in the United States and abroad. We offer expert:

  • Brand and trademark selection assistance
  • Trademark clearance searches and opinions
  • Pre-trademark application counseling
  • Effective and affordable trademark application, prosection, and registration
  • Post-trademark registration counseling
  • Brand and trademark monitoring.

We are proud to have helped our clients become formally recognized as top federal trademark registrants in Utah.

See examples of our trademark work here.

Project CIP Intellectual Property Badge

We Excel at Trademark Registration.

Studies show that by using an experienced trademark attorney instead of attempting the process alone, a trademark applicant increases their chance of registration success by up to 68%. We do even better. Our clients are formally recognized as top federal trademark registrants from the State of Utah. For example:

  • Client 1 was #3 in Utah in 2018 and 2014, and #10 in 2013
  • Client 2 was #4 in Utah in 2013
  • Client 3 was #12 in Utah in 2014

We offer unique and proven strategies gained from years of experience and cooperative interaction with trademark examiners. We also protect trademarks abroad with international treaty mechanisms and partnerships with experienced foreign trademark attorneys.

Trademark Registration and Your Intellectual Property Strategy

Registering your brands, product names, logos, and slogans can be an important part of your intellectual property protection strategy. With Project CIP, you are working with with a Logan Utah Trademark Attorney that offers distinct advantages:

We Are Wizards of the Registration Process

Federal trademark registration has many steps and can be complex:

  1. The mark you select must be sufficiently distinctive (not too generic or descriptive) to merit protection. 
  2. A trademark clearance search must be performed in order to evaluate and analyze whether similar marks could be obstacles to your registration. 
  3. An application which accurately describes the goods and services under the trademark must be prepared and filed. 
  4. The trademark application must be examined and approved by the USPTO. Examiners may refuse the application for various reasons. The applicant may respond with legal argument, evidence, and limited amendment. 
  5. Third parties may oppose the application. In such an event, the applicant may be drawn into a dispute. 
  6. The applicant must demonstrate use of the applied-for mark in commerce. 

Sound complicated? It can be. But, Project CIP has it down. We’ve done it affordably and successfully hundreds (going on thousands) of times. Let us do the legwork. We will make sure your brand is protected.

We Provide Expert Clearance Searches and Opinions

Having an experienced trademark attorney conduct a trademark clearance search and giving an informed opinion is the best way to begin evaluating a brand or mark for use or registration. This due diligence can also help you avoid infringement liability and costly rebranding. We search and analyze common law (unregistered) trademarks, pending and abandoned trademark applications, existing and expired trademarks, and other sources to determine if there are any infringement dangers or potential roadblocks to registering your trademark. We provide you with options and strategies to succeed.

We Help You Obtain and Maintain Strong Trademark Rights

Trademark law has many facets. Some marks are more protectable than others. When you are in the process of evaluating or selecting brands, names, slogans, or logos, we can explain trademark law so you can select a strong mark.

Also, trademark rights are directly connected to how the trademarks are used. Rights can be diminished or lost if trademarks are used improperly by their owners or third parties. We provide guidance on how to use your trademarks properly. We also provide trademark monitoring to detect threatening third party uses and we intervene to protect your rights.

Working with a Logan Utah Trademark Attorney

Project CIP offers affordable pricing for trademark clearance search, trademark application, trademark registration, and brand and trademark monitoring.

United States Trademark Application

Comprehensive Trademark Clearance Search, Analysis and Opinion

Trademark Application Preparation and Filing

International Trademark Application

Madrid protocol (one or more countries based on U.S. application)

Country direct

Sentinel™ Brand and Trademark Monitoring

Weekly searches and reporting
$1750 / yr. / mark

When you work with Project CIP, you will have a Logan Utah trademark lawyer on your team. Our goal is to be your trusted partner who will be able to advise you on an affordable approach to register and protect your trademarks. Contact our office today.