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Work with a Logan Utah E-Commerce Attorney to Boost Your Online Sales

As of 2020, online sales represent over 12% of all retail in the United States. Online sales have grown year-over-year for more than a decade. Forecasters expect this trend to continue, and there are even signs of growth acceleration, making e-commerce a key tool for businesses worldwide, not only to sell to customers, but to engage them as well.

Many successful online sellers use third party websites in addition to their own. Popular third-party E-commerce websites in the United States include:,,,,,, Macy’,,,, and

Within each of these spaces, online sellers can have a variety of legal needs. Among other e-commerce legal services, Project CIP helps online sellers:

  • Obtain registered trademarks for online platforms like the Amazon Brand Registry
  • Initiate or defend against product delistings
  • Analyze whether products or products names can be offered online
  • Enforce patents, trademarks, and copyrights against unfair competitors
  • Defend against claims of intellectual property violations
  • Acquire important domain names owned by others
  • Draft online agreements and policies (privacy policies, terms of use, product delivery coverage, accessibility)

Project CIP can help you maintain your account health, strengthen your online selling position, and boost your online sales with its unique experience and legal expertise in the e-commerce space.

Project CIP Intellectual Property Badge

How Do I Get on the Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon created the Amazon Brand Registry to help sellers on the platform protect brand and product names and to create a trusted experience for Amazon customers. Sellers enrolling in the Amazon Brand Registry have more influence over, and control of, their brand’s product listings. Most importantly, enrolling on the Amazon Brand Registry increases product sales.

For eligibility, a seller must have a federal trademark registration—it is generally not sufficient to have a pending trademark application. Amazon maintains its own attorney directory, known as the IP Accelerators, which Amazon Sellers may use to obtain registered trademarks. Significantly, Project CIP does this work at a fraction of the cost of the IP Accelerators attorneys.

We Know Online Selling Platforms

Third-party selling platforms like form unique competitive environments. Such platforms have their own intellectual property policies, violation reporting systems, and dispute resolution procedures. As any online seller knows, these policies, systems, and procedures are dynamic and often move at an accelerated pace. In order to successfully navigate intellectual property issues online, you need an experienced and updated partner. Look no further. Project CIP has years of experience helping some of the most successful online sellers implement strategies to support their sales in online selling ecosystems. 

Rest assured, we are working side-by-side with online sellers in the e-commerce space on a daily basis, using tailored, current, and creative strategies. Combine your seller know-how with an online sales and e-commerce legal specialist to become more competitive online. 

Create a Strategy to Increase Your Online Sales with a Logan Utah E-Commerce Attorney

When you work with Project CIP you will have a partner to help you develop IP strategy and generate e-commerce and online product sales. Our goal is to be your trusted partner and advise you as to how to best protect and use your intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Contact our office today.