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Working with an Ogden Utah Intellectual Property Attorney

When you move forward with new products and brands or business transactions it’s important that you conduct due diligence to avoid costly liability and pitfalls. Intellectual property due diligence includes things like patent and trademark evaluation, searches, and opinions. To inform and protect your business, Project CIP provides:

  • Trademark clearance searches and opinions
  • Patent searches and opinions
  • IP due diligence for business transactions
  • IP licensing, assignment, and related agreements
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Why Due Diligence?  

Businesses are empowered by being informed. Due diligence is the care, research, and analysis that a reasonable business exercises in order to avoid harm or take advantage of opportunity. In the words of an old Russian proverb:  “Trust, but verify.”    

IP Due Diligence and Your Intellectual Property Strategy

Proper due diligence is an important part of your protection strategy. An Ogden Utah intellectual property attorney can help you with IP due diligence and transactions through:

Trademark Clearance Searches and Opinions

Businesses risk liability and costly rebranding if they use brands, product names, or logos that have not been properly vetted. One important way to reduce risk and exposure is to have a qualified trademark attorney conduct a trademark clearance search and provide an opinion. Project CIP offers the trademark searching and analysis that you need to stay safe.

Patent Searches and Opinions

As you develop and market new products, you risk infringing on the patent rights of others. One way to reduce risk and exposure is by having a patent attorney conduct a patent search, infringement analysis, and provide an opinion. Often, this does not need to be expensive. Project CIP provides the patent searches and analysis that you need to make the best decisions for your business.  

Due Diligence for Business Transactions  

In transactions like mergers and acquisitions, financing, joint ventures, partnerships, or capital investment, proper due diligence includes understanding a company’s intellectual property and practices. Certain topics are almost always important to examine, including: 

  • What IP does the business own? 
  • What does the IP cover?
  • How important is the IP to business objectives? 
  • Have contractual assignments of the IP been made to the business?  
  • Are there any licenses, liens, security interests, or other conditions that could potentially affect the value, transfer, or use of the IP?
  • Has the business undertaken risk-mitigation measures, like prior art searches, freedom to operate opinions, etc., that could help protect it against infringement liability (which is usually not covered by business insurance)? 
  • Has the business ever issued or received cease-and-desist letters, or been involved in any disputes relating to IP?    

Project CIP can add value to your transaction by providing an additional layer of due diligence and analysis. 

IP Licensing and Agreements

Intellectual property licensing can be an effective tool to reach business objectives. Well-crafted licensing negotiations and agreements can be structured in many different ways depending on the circumstances. Typically, important topics include: exclusivity, royalties, and enforcement. Project CIP negotiates and drafts licensing, assignment, and other agreements related to intellectual property rights transfer.  

Consult with an Ogden Utah Intellectual Property Attorney

Consult with an Ogden Utah intellectual property attorney to get expert intellectual property due diligence and business transaction support. Our goal is to be your trusted partner and advise you as to how to best protect you.  Contact our office today.