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Working with a Logan Utah Patent Attorney

Patents are government grants of exclusive rights to qualifying inventions. Inventions can include products, product features, systems, designs, and methods, among many other things. Patents provide a number of benefits to businesses. Patents can help you:

  • Secure exclusivity or built moats around products and markets;
  • Protect investment in research and development;
  • Demonstrate reputation for innovation;
  • Increase company assets and value; and
  • Position for business transactions like investment or acquisition

Project CIP helps explain the legal requirements for obtaining a patent. We help you navigate the various patent types and application paths so that you can make informed decisions. Then, we work to successfully secure the exclusive rights to your invention through affordable patent search, application, and prosecution.

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Protecting Your Invention with a Patent

To successfully obtain a patent, you should use a skilled and registered patent attorney for invention analysis, patent searching, drafting, and prosecution. In the 1892 case of Topliff v. Topliff, the U.S. Supreme Court stated that a patent application is “…one of the most difficult legal instruments to draw with accuracy.” Properly executed patents not only deter your competitors, but also strengthen your position with investors, partners, and prospective buyers.

Patent Application and Your Intellectual Property Strategy

Patent application can be an important and successful component of your intellectual property strategy. Project CIP helps inventors patent across a variety of industries and technologies. Working with a Logan Utah patent attorney can help you with:  

Knowing When to File Your Patent Application

Timing is very important when considering patent application:

  • The First-to-File Rule: Both in the United States and abroad, the first person to file a patent application has an overwhelming initiative in obtaining the invention rights.
  • The On-Sale Bar: You are barred from filing a patent application and getting a patent after one year of making your invention publicly available or offering it for sale.  
  • The Rule of Divulgation.  In many countries you are barred from getting a patent if you divulge (or make public) the invention before filing the patent application.

We typically advise inventors to communicate with us early to discuss patentability and the patent process. We will start and file the patent application when the invention is sufficiently developed.

The Patent Process

Successfully obtaining a patent is a multi-step process. Project CIP is here to help you obtain a patent through a proven process for success. We work to:

  • Identify and understand your business objectives;
  • Determine the patentable scope of your invention through expert invention analysis;
  • Explain the various patent and patent application types, paths, pros and cons, and costs of each;
  • Conduct prior art searching to determine whether your invention is patentable;
  • Form strategies for drafting and tailoring the patent application;
  • Prepare and file the patent application; and
  • Be your advocate before the USPTO and work cooperatively with patent examiners towards patent issuance.  

Patent Examination and Prosecution

Once a patent application is filed, it is assigned to a USPTO patent examiner. The examiner conducts patent searches and analyzes the application and underlying invention within the framework of patent law and eligibility. The examiner makes specific findings with respect to the application and may reject or accept it wholly or in part. In response to any rejection, a patent attorney evaluates and analyzes the opinion, and responds with arguments or amendments. This back-and-forth with the patent office, known as prosecution, can take a long time, sometimes years. Project CIP has the experience, skill, and tools necessary to advocate for inventors and employ the best available strategies to make sure that you obtain the broadest patent rights as soon as possible.  

Contact a Logan Utah Patent Attorney

We are proud to support some of the most innovative and successful companies in Cache Valley and Utah by providing proven patent strategies to navigate today’s competitive business landscapes.  Our pricing is transparent and made available to all of our clients upfront.

Patentability Search

Prior Art Search and Patentability Opinion

Provisional Patent Application

Simple, Average, Complex
$4000 / $5000 / $7000

Non-Provisional Patent Application

Utility Patent Application: Simple, Average, Complex
$8000 / $9000 / $12000

Design Patent Application

PCT Patent Application

Simple, average, complex
$9000 / $10000 / $14000

Project CIP is Logan Utah’s intellectual property law firm. Our goal is to be your trusted partner and advise you as to how to best protect your inventions with patents. Contact our office today.