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Project CIP is a nimble, responsive, and effective intellectual property law firm that is informed by the entrepreneurial spirit of Utah and Cache Valley. Our goal is to leverage, maximize, and protect the intellectual property of some of the most innovative companies in Utah and beyond. 

Who Our Intellectual Property Law Firm Serves

Based in Logan, Utah, Project CIP offers IP services and strategy within the Cache Valley, throughout Utah, Idaho and Wyoming, and nationwide. Our patent, trademark, and intellectual property business strategies empower our clients to navigate today’s competitive landscapes. 

Our clients include: 

  • Inventors
  • Businesses
  • Startups
  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Engineers

From one-off patents or trademark registrations to complex IP strategies for challenger brands, we offer outsized impact to all our clients. We set our intellectual property law firm apart by providing efficient and effective strategies and activating a carefully chosen network of local, regional, national and global attorneys. Our IP strategies are designed to empower our clients to leverage, maximize, and protect IP tools within their market. 

Our Practice Area

Businesses and entrepreneurs put resources where they count and so does Project CIP. Instead of putting our resources into overhead, we focus on delivering value to our clients. Our goal is to be your trusted partner and work to build an IP strategy that meets your goals.

Industries our clients represent include:

  • E-commerce and online sales 
  • Retail 
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Sporting goods
  • Manufacturing, machinery, and automation
  • Automotive
  • Oil and gas
  • Cosmetics and beauty
  • Soft goods (clothing and apparel, bedding, sewing)
  • Food and supplements
  • Agriculture
  • Medical
  • Dental

Registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office as an intellectual property specialist, Project CIP founder Preston Frischknecht offers expert-level resources for:

  • IP strategy and portfolio development 
  • Trademark application and registration
  • Patent application and prosecution
  • IP disputes
  • E-commerce IP
  • International IP
  • IP due diligence and transactions
  • Copyright registration
  • Trade secrets

Intellectual Property Services Designed for Innovators

Project CIP offers services and strategy to innovators, entrepreneurs and challenger brands with a global reach. On four separate occasions, clients of Project CIP were among the top 10 federal trademark registrants in the State of Utah (third in the state twice). 

Many of our clients aren’t exactly sure what IP services or strategies they need. We bring a startup mentality to our own business and each client receives personal partner-level attention. 

We take the time to offer tailored advice by:

  • Learning about your business goals
  • Creating a comprehensive IP strategy
  • Filtering out the unnecessary 
  • Providing a recommended plan of action with transparent pricing 

There is no bureaucracy or hours billed for responding to an email or phone call. We work with clients who are looking to create real market value for their business, invention or brand. Our goal is to work with each client to create an informed IP strategy. 

We Are Your Utah Intellectual Property Law Firm

As a challenger brand ourselves, we believe in generating an outsized impact by maximizing resources and minimizing overhead. 

We offer patent, trademark and intellectual property business strategies to empower our clients to navigate today’s competitive landscapes. Contact us to learn how Project CIP can help you meet your goals.