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Naming a Logan Business?

August 30, 2010 Blogs

I recently came across a Wall Street Journal article, also featured in the Salt Lake Tribune, which highlighted the potential intellectual property issues involved in naming a business. Here is an excerpt:

Kori stanton’s online cookie business seemed to be off to a promising start last spring when its goodies were featured on the “Rachael Ray Show.” but the free national publicity had one unexpected and unwelcome consequence: a company with a different but similar name threatened Ms. Stanton with a trademark-infringement lawsuit. “The website was available,” says Ms. Stanton of the online address for her New York-based venture’s original name. For this reason, she says she didn’t foresee any problems. Though she was able to dodge the legal bullet by picking a new moniker, the former stay-at-home mom says the error cost her around $11,000 in wasted marketing materials and incorporation fees. “It was very discouraging,” she says. “I felt like i had to start over.”

Here is a link to the full article: “what’s in a business’ name? Potential pitfalls”

The article goes on to recommend seeking legal counsel in the name selection process in order to avoid the type of problems Ms. Stanton faced.

If you are in the process of naming your business in the Logan or cache valley area, I certainly recommend that you retain a qualified attorney to assist you in the process.