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Logan Utah Patent Tuesdays – LUPT Quatre: Sensor Armor, Noodle Linkage, and Power Pockets

November 16, 2021 Blogs

Patent application and examination can take years. Inventors and their patent attorneys spend that time in cycles of analysis, strategy, advocacy, and wait. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issues patents on Tuesdays for inventions that make the cut—for us, that’s a “Logan Utah Patent Tuesday” or “LUPT.”  You can check out our prior LUPTs here, here, and here.  

October 26, 2021

U.S. Patent No. 11,156,484, Vehicle Sensor Armor System, Jomax Customs LLC, Wittman, Arizona

Some folks off-road in Toyota Tundras or Tacomas. This can brutalize truck underbellies.  That’s why you see aftermarket skid plates and other armor for these kind of applications. But vulnerable areas also include speed sensors near wheels. Speed sensors are critical to vehicle function because they provide data to electronic control modules (ECMs) to modify engine function, including for transmission, traction control, and four-wheel drive. It can be very dangerious if your speed sensor is damaged while you are negotiating a tricky stretch of terrain while off-roading. So, Jomax Customs designed an armor system to protect speed sensors. The patented armor system is built to withstand up to 6,000 pounds of axial force by using two mounts and a plurality of contact points that distribute force away from the speed sensor and into surrounding vehicle structure that is better equipped to handle that kind of force.   

U.S. Patent No. 11,156,015, Chain Link Fence with Retained Slats, Patrick Hoggan, North Logan, Utah

If I’m being honest, this one had me at Noodle Link, which is a registered trademark of Smithfield, Utah-based Privacy Link. The Noodle Link is a privacy fence system that retains slats by using flexible polymer retaining elements (i.e. noodles) at the top and bottom of fences between the selvages and slats. The entire system is pre-installed and can also be rolled up and unrolled for quick set-up. By providing a ready-to-go solution for installers in the field, the system saves a ton of money on labor costs.

November 9, 2021

U.S. Patent No. D935,135 (see Patent Nos. D907,897 & D908,318 too), Swimsuit Bottom, Nani Swimwear, Smithfield, Utah

Nani Swimwear was founded by Marissa and Janna Barlow and Amy Rasmussen. Marissa was an undergraduate at Utah State University (USU) at the time of founding. From the beginning of Nani Swimwear, Marissa, Janna, and Amy have developed a fun and inclusive trademarked brand with lots of great swimsuit configurations, colors, and patterns. These include several very cool women’s swimsuit tops and bottoms with unique pocket designs. You can find these at Nani Swimwear’s website, or at retailers like REI. 

November 16, 2021

U.S. Patent No. D936,232, Concealed Compartment Leg Garment, Jacobson Gear Company, Nibley, Utah

An ornately tassled Alpaca wearing Ray Bans smirks in front of an American flag.  This is Alapaca Conceal—a company with a sweet trademark and form-fitting compression leg sleeve that holds all your stuff. Here are some essential things you could put in yours:  spare tassels, lock pick sets, B-vitamins, postage stamps, Benjamins, passports, flash drives (with state secrets), handguns, travel shampoo, razor blades, post-it notes, harmonicas, and Swiss Army knives.  Heck, this thing can turn your leg into a Swiss Army knife.