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Introducing Projectcip

January 4, 2014 Blogs

Several years ago I considered coming to Logan from a large, Salt Lake City firm. Being a younger attorney at the time, and unfamiliar with legal practice in cache valley, I sought advice from established salt lake-area attorneys. Many of these advised that practicing in cache valley would be considerably career limiting. My gut said otherwise, and I’m glad that it did.

Since that time, I have been introduced to cache valley’s diverse community of successful entrepreneurs and innovators, which are second to none. I’m continually amazed at what individuals and businesses do here and I’m proud to not only know many of them personally but to also work alongside them to achieve their business objectives. 

In that spirit, I’m proud to announce Project CIP—cache valley’s new intellectual property legal practice. Project CIP assists individuals and businesses with practical intellectual property strategies to create real market value by using tools like trademarks and patents. Invent. brand. protect. Project CIP.