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Finding a Natural Fit in a Utah Intellectual Property Law Firm

October 31, 2020 Blogs

Time is a river, sometimes violently, but mostly gently moving its subjects downstream and carving new paths from old ones.  Maybe that makes me a poorly dressed Wallace Stegner for Halloween.  Anyway, I’m excited to rebrand a bit and launch Project CIP’s new website.  We have a Moving Mountains theme and some outdoorsy stuff happening.  I like it!  “Thank you” to the folks at Paperstreet for all of their hard work.  Suki rocked as a project manager.  Elyssa was brilliantly creative in the concepts.  Many others contributed.       

As I look around at the messaging of other Utah intellectual property law firms, patent, and trademark attorneys, I see many complicated technology banners and techie-looking logos and designs.  This is fine.  But, like many of the entrepreneurs we serve, Project CIP strives to be a different kind of thing than the rest of the pack.  We value mastery of the complex.  After all, many inventions, brands, and competitive environments are complex.  But, we also highly value the clarity and elegance that comes as a result of distilling complexity to its essence.  We work hard towards simplicity and clarity when we interact with entrepreneurs, start-ups, USPTO patent examiners, trademark examiners, and online e-commerce platforms.  We believe that doing so helps our clients succeed and that our track record of success supports that. 

What better symbol of the relationship between complexity and simplicity than nature itself?  We think our unique Utah landscapes, mountains, and deserts—particularly here in Logan, Utah—are a big part of the Silicon Slopes mojo.  That is why, rather than dressing up in the cliched garb of technology, with all of its circuit boards, lights, and formulas, we choose our theme as MOVING MOUNTAINS and providing intellectual property legal services to entrepreneurs with outsize impact. 

Our new vibe also reflects the products and industries of some of the innovative Utah companies that Project CIP supports with its intellectual property legal services.  For example, we partner with outdoor product retailers.  We know that good outdoor products can lead to great outdoor experiences.  So, we help outdoor product designers get patents, trademarks, and copyrights to protect their inventions, brands, and designs related to camping equipment, outdoor apparel, hunting and sporting goods, bikes, and off-road vehicle products, to name just a few. 

We also work with businesses that promote healthy and active lifestyles through their products.  Specifically, Project CIP provides intellectual property legal services for Utah companies in the fitness, exercise, dental, and medical products industries.  We protect medical and dental devices, fitness equipment, and activewear. 

In Logan, Utah, as well as throughout the State of Utah, we are lucky to be in a thriving entrepreneurial community focused on new ideas, possibilities, and growth. Businesses here understand the importance of using creative solutions to rise above the competition.  Project CIP strives to be a different kind of Utah intellectual property law firm that brings that same creativity and commitment to protecting your work.  We believe in generating an outsize impact through strategy, leverage, and resource optimization. 

We hope that message comes through in the new branding and website.  I think it does.  More importantly, I hope the ethos that we’ve defined shows in the intellectual property legal services that we provide to businesses and entrepreneurs in Utah and throughout the country.   

Project CIP