Logan Patent Snapshot

Patenting innovation is an important business strategy for businesses in the Logan, Utah vicinity. As 2010 winds down, there are over 500 live patents in Cache Valley, Utah. A majority of these patents are owned by a half-dozen entities. Specifically, the following entities are ranked in order of patents granted: (1) ICON; (2) USU; (3) IMDS; (4) LMC; (5) Facet Solutions; (6) HyClone Labs/ThermoScientific; (7) Harris Research; (8) Wescor; (9) Integrated Systems Engineering; (10) Standers; (11) Saddleman; (12) Joseph Corbett; and (13) EK Ekcessories. Interestingly, over one hundred other patents are owned by sixty different entities, each of which holds five or fewer patents.