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project cip is logan utah's intellectual property law firm.  it is proud to support some of the most innovative and successful companies in cache valley and utah by providing proven trademark strategies to navigate today's competitive business landscapes. 

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about trademarks

what is a trademark?

a trademark is typically a recognizable sign, design, logo, phrase, or expression which identifies products or services of a particular source from those of others. 

why trademark registration?

your unique sign, design or expression is more commonly referred to as a "brand".  it is a key element of your business.  through the internet, social media, advertising and packaging, it conveys a message to your markets about your product or service, your identity, and your reputation.  importantly, a trademark is the intellectual property vehicle for getting to the exclusive rights to your brand.  a strong trademark can help you establish market position and manage competition.  a trademark also helps your bottom line as it becomes a valuable intellectual property asset for the company.  trademarks have the highest value when they are properly and thoughtfully conceived, registered, and maintained.  in the united states, trademarks can be perfected through examination by and registration with the united states patent and trademark office (uspto).  outside of the united states, trademark examination and registration occurs in intellectual property offices all over the world.  typically, this is not an expensive proposition.  but correct execution can be complex and require an expert like a trademark attorney.  too often, businesses misunderstand trademarks, thinking that domain name or state business registration provides brand protection.  this misunderstanding results in loss or significant impairment of rights when the trademarks are then registered by others.  in many cases, businesses that are behind on their trademark strategies can even be held hostage by shrewd competitors. 

why use a trademark attorney for trademark registration?

according to the uspto, “[m]ost applicants hire an attorney who specializes in trademark matters to represent them in the application process and provide legal advice.” 

significantly, a good trademark lawyer can provide value by helping you: 

  1. research and conduct the due diligence necessary for choosing a trademark and developing the most cost-effective trademark strategy;

  2. execute trademark strategy through skilled application and knowledgable advocacy before the uspto;

  3. successfully register your trademark in the most important geographic markets; and

  4. strengthen your trademark rights by providing legal advice on how to best use and maintain trademarks following registration.

not surprisingly, studies show that just using a trademark attorney increases the odds of uspto trademark registration by fifty percent (50%). 

why use project cip for trademark registration? 

project cip is directed by preston p. frischknecht, a logan, utah trademark attorney who is registered to practice before the uspto.  project cip specializes in trademark legal services and supports some of the most innovative and award-winning brands and companies in cache valley and utah.  unlike run-of-the-mill online trademark application services, project cip is not a faceless entity providing cookie cutter solutions to masses of trademark applicants everywhere.  rather, project cip focuses on cost-effective, quality, and tailored legal solutions.  project cip is proud to represent challenger brands looking to leverage limited resources and gain traction against larger competitors.  trademark attorneys at project cip listen and learn about your business, share trademark strategy, filter out the unnecessary, and recommend and execute only the leanest, meanest, and most cost-effective trademark legal services in the united states and abroad.  that is the project cip difference. 

what is the trademark registration process?

the trademark application and registration process starts with choosing the right mark---one that is not confusingly similar with another's, and one that will be protectable and result in a perfected right.  after a trademark is carefully chosen, a strategy is formulated to determine a proper definition of goods and services that will balance the desire to obtain the broadest intellectual property right possible against the rights of others as well as the desire for cost efficiency.  next, a trademark application that reflects the strategy is prepared and filed with the uspto.  the trademark application is assigned to a uspto examining attorney who proceeds to examine the trademark application under a framework of legal and procedural requirements.  depending on the application, and the issues raised by the examining attorney, the process can become tricky.  a good trademark lawyer can mean the difference between a failed application with lost rights and successful registration with a protectable and enforceable intellectual property asset.  if successful, a trademark application generally matures into a trademark registration within about a year.  to learn more about the trademark application and registration process, visit the uspto website here and here

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