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project cip is logan utah's intellectual property law firm.  it is proud to support some of the most innovative and successful companies in cache valley and utah by providing proven patent strategies to navigate today's competitive business landscapes. 

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why apply for a patent?

you put your heart and soul into developing, marketing, and selling your products.  so, it makes sense to take steps to protect them.  importantly, a patent is the intellectual property vehicle for getting to the exclusive rights to your invention or design.  in the united states, patent rights can be perfected through grants by the united states patent and trademark office (uspto).  outside of the united states, patent rights are sought in, and granted by, intellectual property offices all over the world.  a registered patent attorney can help you obtain the exclusive rights to innovation through due diligence, patent application, and advocating for a patent before a government patent examiner.  taking these steps is important because, under new united states patent law, the first person to file for patent protection with the uspto is first in line to the exclusive rights, regardless of whether someone else invented first.  a strong patent can help you obtain market position and manage competition.  properly executed patent strategies provide a level of deterrence with respect to your competitors.  they also strengthen market perception and position with investors, partners, and prospective buyers.  a patent also helps your bottom line as it becomes a valuable intellectual property asset. 

how do you go about getting a patent?

there are many different ways to pursue a patent.  each path has unique advantages and disadvantages.  to provide a few examples:  a provisional patent application is a relatively lower cost placeholder with the uspto, but requires follow-up and additional resources within one year of filing.  a design patent application is also a low cost-high success means of protecting the ornamental design of a functional item, but the protection granted is relatively more narrow than other patent types.  a utility patent application can more broadly protect a new process, product, or other invention, but pursuing it from the get-go can be much more expensive in the short term.  more paths are available if patent protection is sought outside of the united states.  fortunately, a good patent attorney can help you understand which path makes the most sense for you and your business objectives.  

why use project cip to apply for patents? 

project cip is directed by preston p. frischknecht, a logan, utah patent attorney who is registered to practice before the uspto.  project cip provides the expertise required to help you determine whether and how your business would benefit from the most up-to-date and cost effective patent strategies.  project cip also performs the due dilligence necessary to evaluate the opportunity and risk spectrum in the patent landscape and, then to form a successful patent strategy for negotiating it.  depending on the particular strategy, project cip drafts, prepares, and files patent applications, including provisional, non-provisional, and design applications.  these can become perfected and enforceable patent rights.   

copyright project cip 2014.  project cip is directed by logan, utah patent attorney preston p. frischknecht.  logan, ut 84321.